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About Us

About Us

The Desire Public School is an independent school and not attached to any other school. The courses of study are the same as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It imparts child psychology and exchanges ideas with the children completely in English medium. It provides not only learning environment that inspires and motivates children but also encourages them to explore limitless possibilities in their quest of knowledge.

Level of Teaching
The school has separate wing for imparting education from 1 to XII level, It provides a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best courage's and enables their all round development values and the celebration of cultural.

School Team
The school session is from April to March. The academic year is divided into semester. Weekly test is also conducted for the betterment of the students.

90% attendance is essential for promotion to the next class. No leave is granted except of prior application from parents/guardian for genuine reasons. In case of sickness, he/ she will have to produce a valid medical certificate.

Withdrawal from any class must be preceded by a month's notice or a month's fee if it is not given before one month. All dues must be paid before a transfer certificate is issued. S.L.C will be issued after one week from the date of receipt of the application. School authority may ask without prior notice to the parents to withdraw their wards form the school on the following grounds. If the behavior of the student is harmful to the interest of the school . If the student uses abusive language in the classroom. iii. If a student fails consecutively two years in the same class. If the students remain absent for 3 months without any prior information to the institution.

Reservation of right
If a student dresses up dirtily, the school reserves the right to send him/her back to home. If a student is found coming late frequently he/ she may not be allowed to enter the class. If a student is suffering from any infectious disease, he / she may not be allowed to attend the school unless he/ she produce a fitness certificate. If a student causes any damage to school property, genuine amount will be charged to the parents to recover the same or money may be deducted from the security amount for the recovery at the lost/ damaged goods.

Medium of Instruction
The school follows the CBSE curriculum. The medium of teaching is English as it is the language of computers, conversation, business and most importantly, the language the world speaks, At appropriate stage courses in general science social studies, mathematics and Sanskrit are included. However equal emphasis is given to all languages such as Hindi, English, Sanskrit etc, through the target language increases the amount of exposure in the farness as one at the main subject in all classes.

Library having a collection of rich amount of books. Lab for science subjects and computers are teachers. equipped with modern technology. Special coaching during summer winter break. Excursion to historical, scientific places & hilly area. Regular coaching for weak learners.

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The desire public school, Sonwan, Jenanabad.

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