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Our aim is to meet the urgent need of society. our school has come forward with courage and confidence to establish an English medium co-education school of academic excellence with all facilities. It will be the first school of its kind in Bihar and expend its branches in different cities in Bihar. The Desire Public School is determined to maintain its high standard by imparting quality education and will light its own candle to dispel the darkness. We strive for the development of individual potential in stimulating and inspiring school that is the heart of the local community. The Desire Public School aims to create a welcoming and exciting learning environment. 

  • Make children aware of their cultures and preserve them all.
  • Stress on the development of children's attitudes and skills by developing their mind and making it more dynamic which will help them to develop a balanced personality.
  • Ensure the children are literate numerate and articulate with a broad general knowledge.
  • Promote high ideas of nationalism.
  • Form positive partnerships between home, school and community.
  • Promote the feeling of self sacrifice for the good of the society.
  • Enhance family's spirit through cheerful sharing and caring.
  • Prepare children as work with intrepidity of a lion but simultaneously with the tenderness of a flower.
  • Provide equal access to a curriculum which promotes children's spiritual, moral social and cultural development.
  • Train children for their future role in society, developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Make decision in the light of social values such as generosity, good manners, honesty, punctuality, sincerity and tolerance. The Desire Public School seeks to ensure that children
  • equipped in knowledge, skills and attitudes for living in modern technological world.
  • Fit, healthy, positive, and happy
  • Independent, confident and enquiring.
  • Self confident, self motivated and self disciplined.
  • Able to respect and work with others.
  • Fair and objective and able to make informed choice.
  • Positive in their attitude towards issue of race, gender and disability.
  • Gaining the feeling of nationality.
  • Motivated enough to give up selfishness and strive for national interest.
  • Aware of social responsibility and a sense of self worth.


Rules and Regulation

A student and his parent will have to agree with the following rules and regulations of the school before taking admission:

  • A student must be regular and punctual.
  • There will be no provision of re examination in case of being absent from school during the examination.
  • If the student obtains more than 40% marks, he/she will be promoted in the next class.
  • Parents may discuss to the principal for promotion by giving application if their ward gets less than 40% marks.
  • A student must bring diary daily duly signed by guardian.
  • A student must attend in the morning assembly.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the premises unless it is for a very genuine urgent reason.
  • Student is not allowed to damage the school property.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss a student whose progress 6study is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • If any complain is to be made concerning a teacher, please meet the principal.
  • No student will attend the morning assembly if he is not well dressed in proper uniform.
School Details & Contact

The desire public school, Sonwan, Jenanabad.

Hotline: +91 9771016040